How To Decide If You Want To Become An Attorney

Do you think you want to be an attorney? The truth is, it’s not glamorous or easy like the way its presented on the television. Popular shows like The Good Wife are nothing close to the reality.

You need to brace yourself for about 8 years of studying: 4 years as undergraduate, 3 more years in the law school and finally 3 rigorous and hard months studying and sitting the bar exam.

Generally, there is no undergraduate degree that is good enough to prepare you for the law school. First, consider the kind of law you want to study and put your focus on that degree and in that specific field. Conventionally, majors in liberal arts are precursors to most law schools. However, having a good business background can be equally beneficial when studying law. You can have custom stickers to remind you important subjects.

The most important thing is to take college schooling seriously and gain a high GPA. The higher or better your GPA grades, the more likely you are to be accepted to good law school.

Another element that you should not ignore is the LSAT exam, when considering your options to join a law school. This is more like the SAT but considered on the higher levels. A high GPA combined with a good LSAT is a sure ticket to be enrolled into a law school. You also have the opportunity to choose from various schools available in your area and beyond. A good combination of those two exam grades will also reduce those cumbersome 8 years. Some institutions provide 3/3 programs where the last undergraduate schooling year is considered to be the first year of law school. To accepted to enroll for such a program requires to have scored high in LSAT and GPA.

Once you are accepted into a law school you will face the old saying that the first year of study will scare you to death, the following year will work you to death and the third year will actually bore you to death. In many ways, this is so true. Well, save for the third year of study. Those that have gone through law school will agree that the third year is not boring at all. You will do a part of the bar exam that covers the MPRE ethics and in the near future you will have the bar exam looming.

You need to be prepared to read because this is where all time is spent for most law students. Studies have shown that for every hour spent with a lecturer in class, a student spends more than two hours in the library studying out of class. If you want to be a recognized lawyer, you need to be hired by prominent law firms, these firms will only high performing students. Therefore, you need to obtain high grades in school.

There plenty of jobs available for anybody who has done law degree. However, there are two very important elements that students wishing to pursue law must consider. One is the financing of the law degree and loans that are offered for studying. The entire course can cost up to $100,000 without factoring in other costs during the undergraduate study. The other thing to consider is that lawyers outside the bar spend a lot of time writing and researching to justify their cases.

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